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Who Are Nomadic Wordsters?


We are a group of authors who began meeting several years ago.

Our first venue was a library, and over time we had to move due to schedule conflicts, a library closure, and other reasons. We've met in five different libraries and several coffee shops and restaurants. 

As our group developed an encouraging bond, our work grew stronger. We now have numerous publications, including books in many genres. Some of us have been honored with awards, and most of us are published in literary journals & anthologies, both in print and online, as well as in other publications.


We know about writing.

Our award winning AUTHORS offer a variety of programs and genres for your venue. Let us share our experience and books with you.

We are available for Author Events in:
Coffee Shops
Other Venues

CONTACT us today.

Visit OUR AUTHORS page to read our bios.


More information about our books is available on the OUR BOOKS page.

Some of  our authors are published by Tree Shadow Press.

Wordster Books.jpg

Some of the books by our authors.

Find more on OUR BOOKS page

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