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Deb Sanchez was the leader in a recent writer's retreat I attended. She was prompt, well-prepared, patient, and encouraging. She was exactly what we all needed in a mentor. Deb's style of leadership helped me feel comfortable opening up about my writing and my story in a group of strangers. By the end of the retreat, Deb had us feeling like we were all old friends. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

~~Belinda Cohen


Having attended two conferences coordinated by Deb Sanchez, I can attest to her strong organizational skills and her ability to put together a diverse and gifted faculty. The conferences are packed with useful information and a good deal of inspiration and motivation for all who attend. Additionally, I had the pleasure of going on a writers’ retreat where the weekend was comfortably packed with creative writing prompts. I look forward to attending more conferences under the direction of Deb Sanchez and am eager to serve on the faculty with her in the future.

~~Hana Haatainen-Caye, author, speaker, educator  


I'm a very happy and satisfied consumer of Deb's handiwork. I look forward to attending any conference or retreat she's involved with.

~~Laura Lovic-Lindsay, award winning poet and author. 


I’ve had the great pleasure of teaching at a writing conference, performing at an open mic night, and attending a writer’s retreat that Deb set-up and managed. All three events were organized, planned, and executed with an impressive amount of expertise. Deb’s a pro at planning classes, events, and activities for writers, and handles everything with professionalism. I am also a member of her writing group. With each event I’ve attended that Deb organized I’ve learned something about myself, about my writing, and walked away with a sense of accomplishment and knowledge gained – not to mention we always have fun!
~~Starr Bryson, author and book promoter. 

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