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New Year...New Words

Writing is a solitary task. Each writer has to create their own design when rearranging the words of our language into new and interesting patterns that we call "stories" or "poems" or whatever other form you choose to use.

Sometimes I think about the fact that there are only twenty-six letters in our alphabet. We depend on these few curvy lines to make all of our words. All of them.

Who gets to decide what new words will be created next? I've been waiting most of my life for one word to be accepted. Ever since I could talk, I've tried to convince people that "am't" should be a word. As in, "I am't going to eat those beets!" I understood the concept of contractions from a very young age. I just didn' t understand why some words were allowed to squeeze together and others were not.

"Isn't" is allowed. "Aren't" is allowed. "Am't is not allowed, nor is it recognized. However: "Ain't" has somehow managed to sneak into the diccionary. "Am't" is MUCH more logical. At least it is to me.

What other words, or rearrangements of letters should be implemented and/or encouraged?

Who do I petition to get "am't" accepted?



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