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On the Other Hand

Thanks to two surgeries I am typing (and everything else) left-handed for the past week. The stitches come out just before Christmas, then at least three more weeks of "don't use it" and physical therapy. I am right-handed, so not much is getting done. Hopefully the results will be worth the pain and suffering.

On the other hand, it's made me appreciate the people in my life a lot more than I already did.

I'm also just a little impressed and dismayed at what I can and cannot do.

If all goes as expected, the new year will bring new words and renewed abilities.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season and a peaceful, word-filled 2016. p.s. Ended up stuck in that brace well into the new year. It's now the end of January, and I am still on the road to recovery. Slowly healing...but healing.


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