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Wait...What happened to 2017?

A better question is what happened IN 2017? The answer? A LOT happened.

  • I edited three books for other authors, all of which are published. One of them won an award.

  • I had TWO books published, and they BOTH won awards!

  • I had a few small pieces published online.

  • I freelanced as a translator, newsletter writer, and language tutor.

  • I traveled to Texas...twice.

  • I taught a workshops at conferences.

  • I participated in several author events in PA and NY.

And did I mention that TWO of my books won awards??? Oh, yes. I did mention that. I'm still thrilled about it. Prompted, Prodded, Published: How Writing Prompts Can Help All Writers won 2nd place in the business category at The Author Zone TAZ awards in October of 2017. And My Mother Cried/Y Mi Mamá Lloró won BEST CHILDREN's BOOK for 2017 at the TAZ awards.

The next question is...what will happen in 2018?

The answer? Time will tell, but I have a lot of projects lined up.





Best of all? Leading writing friends through their journeys and expanding my network of writing friends.

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