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Here's to Hope

After over a year of dread and death across the globe, the post-pandemic world is starting to seem possible. All of my in-person events - writing groups, conferences, book festivals, etc. - were cancelled last year. 2020 is "hindsight" that most of us are happy to leave in the past. We all lost loved ones, some lost health to long-term damage from complications. Family events, like weddings, had to be postponed. Birthday celebrations, Christmas and other "get-together" events were moved from "in-person" events with family hugs to "online" events with smiles from afar.

But, we kept hope closer than our masks.

I am on my way to protection and looking forward to resuming activities. In fact, my August Saturdays are booked. The good thing about being unable to go and do is that I had a lot of time to work on writing, editing, and translation projects. I had two new books published and four others that I translated were also published in the last year or so.

I suppose that I should have updated this blog in the extra time I had...a lot has happened since that last post. My youngest daughter (the one I went with to Scotland) got married. My other daughter had her third child - who will be two years old in a few days. My son's wedding was postponed twice - because of "that pandemic that shall not be named". And, I even got some writing done. Hope for a healthier - more "normal" - future is a live in my heart.


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